A downloadable aiband for Windows and macOS

Artificial Intelligence (ang)band, a roguelike built in Unity3D and Clojure using the Arcadia framework.

By: Douglas P. Fields, Jr.

Part of #procjam 2016

Source code and details available at GitHub

Release 0.0.1 Details at GitHub - attached

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Downloads available:

  • ProcJam v0.0.1 for Mac (tested on 10.11.5)
  • Post-ProcJam, pre-v0.0.2 for Windows (not tested, I use a Mac, but Unity built it)

Install instructions

Mac binary provided. Tested only on MacOS X 10.11.5. Source code included at GitHub.

Windows x86 binary provided. Not tested, built on a Mac using Unity game exporter for Windows.


Aiband-0.0.1.app.zip 17 MB
Aiband-pre-0.0.2.zip 16 MB